About Us

About Us

Where It All Began

Cutting Hill Beef Company started with Ramsay and Caroline Mellish. They began their journey as Organic Dairy farmers and later decided to shift their focus to the Organic Beef market.

From there, the beautiful perennial grass pastures and the spackling of farms that encompass the Green Mountain State became their story. The organic natural food system is what created the Cutting Hill Beef Company, and the intent remained the same; to produce the highest quality of food available.

What We Strive For

Our mission is to use techniques of rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture to create food in the most sustainable fashion. Our relentless dedication to this ensures our customers will never question what is on their dinner plates or in the mouths of their children. They will know with certainty the meat they are eating has never touched a factory and was grown the only way that is right.