Becoming Beef Farmers

While we love our cows, yes even I, have come to know and love our persnickety jerseys, and ambling, mellow Holsteins, there are drawbacks to the dairy industry. I could go on for a while about the shortcomings, but I’ll start and end with the fact that a 3am wake-up time gets very old, very quickly. We started to diversify our business, but we knew that we wanted to ensure two things.

  1. Regenerative agriculture- or regenerative farming in our case, can play an influential role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it back in the earth. This, again, needs to be an entire post in and of itself, so will delve into it later. But when we started to brainstorm how we can continue to grow and prosper as a business, we wanted to ensure we continued this practice.
  2. No pesticides are used on the soil, or in turn to feed our cattle. We are certified organic with NOFA-VT, which in all honesty I don’t agree with all that comes along with that. But we do believe that round-up and its unsavory cousins are beyond harmful to humans, animals, our land, and the environment.

So with those two things in mind, and almost a decade of knowledge and experience with cattle, it seemed natural to get into the beef business.

One of the main reasons for these blogs is so you can get to know us, the farmers, and feel assured that we know our cattle. We know each ones sire and dam, we know that they consume feed that is not treated with pesticides, and we know that we interact with them in an attentive manner. We eat our beef, we feed our family and friends this beef, and we want you to know that when your beef shows up at your door, we raised it.