Simple. Straightforward. Sustainable.

It is simple; the product will go from our farm to your front door.

It is straightforward; free shipping throughout New England.

It is sustainable; all boxes and shipping insulation is 100% recyclable.

When thinking about our purchase system, we considered one thing and one thing only - the customer. Feed your family with ease. We are here to make your life easier, by putting healthy and local meat directly into your hands and on your table.

You will never again have to go to the grocery store and purchase overpriced meat from an unknown place. You have the option to purchase local and support local, while never having to leave the comfort of your home.

It’s a feel-good factor, and a taste good factor. The best of both worlds.

From our farm to your table.

Our product is certified organic with NOFA VT and you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that our beef will NEVER enter a factory for distribution.

We are proud to be an owner-operated farm and we successfully run a cow-calf operation.

With our product in mind, we focus on one thing; regenerative agriculture.

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

It is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves water quality, and enhances ecosystem services.

What Is The Goal with Regenerative Agriculture?

It aims to capture carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation. It also offers increased yields, resilience to climate change, and higher health and vitality for farming and ranching communities.

Where Is The Proof?

It draws from decades of scientific research alongside applied research, by the global communities of organic farming, agroecology, Holistic Management, and agroforestry.