The product will go from our farm to your front door
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All boxes and shipping insulation is 100% recyclable

Choose A Box

Primary Box

Our Primary Box is perfect for anyone with a family. It is a lot of beef and is both local and entirely fresh. This is the best option to feed the whole family and be happy knowing that the food itself is healthy and natural.

Burger Box

The Burger Box is the perfect fit for those of you who enjoy the indulgence of burgers during the warmer months, or maybe a nice zesty bowl of chili in the cooler months. Add all of the toppings, or keep it simple. Either way, it will be tasty and savory!

Primary Box XL

The Primary Box XL is more beef than you can imagine, and is perfect for those of you who love to BBQ and have social gatherings! You and your guests will be happy knowing that they are happy and full with local beef.


Where It All Began

Cutting Hill Beef is a Vermont organic beef company dedicated to producing the highest quality beef. Ensuring our customers know the meat they are eating was grown right and has never touched a factory.  From our farm, delivered to your door.


    Meatloaf Recipe

    I will not pretend to be a well renowned cook, or even a good one at that. When we first got married, my husband was less than impressed with my meals, although he never did not not eat a bite. But over…

    News & Updates

    The Beginning

    Welcome to Cutting Hill Beef! We are excited to serve you- and for you to get to know us, our farm, and what we stand for. I want to start off with letting you know that neither my husband nor I came…

    News & Updates

    Becoming Beef Farmers

    While we love our cows, yes even I, have come to know and love our persnickety jerseys, and ambling, mellow Holsteins, there are drawbacks to the dairy industry. I could go on for a while about the shortcomings,…