Our Story

Both Caroline and Ramsay grew up in New Hampshire, but far from the world (and work) of agriculture. While in college Ramsay was looking for a part time job and, of course, the dairy farm down the road was hiring. From there we accelerated into the dairy world, discovering a profound connection with the land and the animals we cared for. We purchased our first herd of Holsteins and headed to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where we rented multiple barns and committed ourselves to the daily labor of milking cows and learning the ins and outs of dairy farming.

In 2016 we purchased our own farm, and as our expertise and passion grew, so did our vision for a sustainable and ethical approach to agriculture. Recognizing the importance of offering customers humanely raised and sustainable food, we knew we wanted to diversify our operation. The transition into beef farming was a natural step, and soon enough, we expanded further to include pork and eggs.


All of our cattle are certified organic, meaning that both the cows and everything they are fed are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. Cows are ruminant animals, and their natural instinct is to roam and graze. We use regenerative grazing practices to ensure they are able to consume as much grass on pasture as possible during the growing season.

All of our cattle are born and raised here on our farm. We primarily raise Angus and Charolais cattle as they are hearty and do well in our climate and produce delicious, flavorful beef.


We raise heritage pigs as their genetics and rich flavor, harkening back to the traditional breeds that have been cherished for generations. These breeds thrive in the outdoors, exhibiting natural behaviors and foraging on a diverse diet of grass, roots, and fallen fruits. Their natural grazing and rooting behaviors help to regenerate the soil, fostering a healthier ecosystem and reducing our environmental impact. The result is pork that boasts exceptional taste and tenderness.

  • Hens

    We integrated laying hens into our pasture system to increase the nitrogen levels that were lacking in the soils. We currently have a diverse flock that is made up of numerous different breeds and egg colors. We wholesale our eggs to several local stores and of course carry them in our farmstand!

  • Dairy

    We milk around 180 organic Holstein and Jersey cows twice a day, everyday. These animals and their offspring were all raised on the farm and taught us the commitment, dedication, and reward that comes with regenerative farming.